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Facets are small shells covering the front face of teeth. They are used to restore smears, discoloration, deformations and slight tares. Facets are mainly placed on front teeth to correct their form, color and dimensions, thereby improving the patient’s smile and appearance.

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Tooth whitening or bleaching (both terms will be used nterchangeably) is a non-invasive, completely safe and painless method of correcting the colour of the teeth by using proven professional preparations. These do not damage tooth enamel and the natural colour and luster of the teeth are accentuated after the treatment. Tooth whitening is the fastest, the best and the most popular method for regaining white teeth. Stains and tooth discolouration related to smoking or diet, medications, plaque, tartar, devitalization, age-related tooth changes, trauma or inherited aspects, are removed by teeth bleaching.

The teeth can be whitened up to eight shades, but it depends on the basic colour of the teeth and on whether the enamel has been damaged or not.

Teeth bleaching is carried out using oxidizing agents in the form of a gel, that is applied to the teeth. Bleaching agents differentiate according to the concentration of the active agent and the method of activation. Before the gel is applied, it is necessary to have hard and soft deposits removed and teeth polished professionally. Furthermore, to avoid their damage, a proper isolation and protection of mucosal tissues are essential.
The whitening will not have the same effect on all patients and the bleaching is performed only on healthy and intact teeth or devitalized teeth.
Fillings, veneers and crowns can not be bleached, but the natural teeth will become several shades whiter  and the patient will have a shiny smile again.
For in-office bleaching higher hydrogen peroxide concentration bleaching materials are used and the treatment takes about 60 minutes.
For at-home bleaching lower hydrogen peroxide concentration bleaching materials and individually made splints are used and the treatment lasts for 1-3 weeks. Sometimes it is necessary to combine both methods or repeat bleaching until the desired effect is achieved.
Possible side effects of bleaching are short-term tooth sensitivity and/or gingival irritation, but with new techniques and materials these are reduced to a minimum.
With proper oral hygiene, the result of a bleaching treatment can last up to two years.

A smile is the shortest distance between two people. Therefore, if you want pearl white teeth visit our centre!

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