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Dental hygiene and tartar removal

Professional teeth cleaning and teeth polishing
Teeth cleaning is important because proper dental care can keep your teeth healthy and extend their longevity.
Very often food and drink form deposits and pigmentation on the teeth which result in the development of pathological processes and represent an aesthetic defect.
Teeth become yellowish, tartar and plaque form and bacteria that are harmful to the teeth and the entire body develop. Hard deposits on teeth caused by the mineralization of plaque are called tartar. Those hard white or yellowish deposits form on the teeth close to the gums (gingiva). Most often they can be found on the inside of the lower front teeth.

Professional mechanical cleaning of the teeth is performed in Videntis. The dental plaque and tartar which can cause painful inflammation, mild or strong toothache and gingival withdrawal are removed from all tooth surfaces.
Dental plaque and tartar are aesthetically inappropriate and cause bad breath. A special importance is given to those areas that patients typically overlook when brushing.
The treatment is carried out using a small rotating brush and eraser, ultrasound machines, dental sicle scaler, curette, or similar, which is moved over the surface of the teeth to remove plaque.

We recommend to have a professional tooth cleaning done at least twice a year. Be responsible to yourself and your health!

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