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Endodontics or root canal treatment involves a thorough diagnosis of the current situation and treatment of the infected pulp of a tooth. When the cavities are so deep that they affect the pulp itself the traumatized pulp starts an inflammatory response eliciting extreme pain and/or the tooth becomes discolourated. It is then necessary to treat the affected tooth.
Dental pulp is located in the tooth canal which is located in each tooth root and consists of nerve fibers and blood vessels whose primary function is vascularization of the living tissue and nutrition of the teeth. Due to the penetration of dental caries in the tooth the pulp is infected by the bacteria that cause tooth decay.
Endodontic treatment consists of removing the decayed pulp and filling the root canals which is then followed either by tooth fillings or crowns.
Root canal treatment in Videntis is a microsurgical procedure and requires a sterile operating field.

Dental dam, rubber dam (or coffer dam) is a sheet of thin latex rubber used in such cases to isolate a tooth or teeth during the dental treatment of removal of the decayed tissue, which is done by sterile manual or machine instruments.
Infected root channels are rinsed by disinfectant, dried and filled with bioinert material.
It is important to point out that the procedure is completely painless and done mostly in one or two visits.

We recommend regular check-ups and dental treatment of even the tiniest cavity in order to prevent a painful inflammation of the pulp!

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