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Restore your confidence by a simple, painless and safe procedure that best solves the problems created by the loss of teeth.

Why implants?
Since the early seventies of the last century until today, dental implants have become the most modern and the best way to replace one or more missing teeth.
Tooth loss is no more considered solely as an aesthetic problem, but as a very serious condition because the patient suffers from receding gums and bone resorption at the place where a tooth or teeth are missing, which may result in a range of dental problems.
The procedure of placing dental implants is a simple, outpatient and painless procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. It is less unpleasant than tooth extraction and patients are ready to resume their everyday live the next day after the implant placement obiding by the instructions given by the dentist.
The necessary precautions are related to avoiding heavy physical work, sports activities, exposure to high temperatures and strong sunlight, consumption of large quantities of coffee and alcohol and cigarette smoking.
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The basic characteristics of dental implants
There are two types of implants – titanium and ceramic.
Both types of dental implant placed in the bone of the upper and / or lower jaw, where a natural tooth is lost, are biologically tolerant, do not provoke any allergic reactions, are completely biochemically indifferent and remain unchanged in the bone tissue.

Dental Centre Videntis uses conventional titanium implants and as a newly introduced feature that is making its way on the market, ceramic implants made by the top implant producer Straumann.
Both implant types give excellent results, and our work with them is based on “evidence-based protocols” upon which we, as clinicians, can rely with certainty when planning the therapy.

The composition of titanium implants is pure titanium, whereas there are cheaper implants on the market that are made of titanium alloys (with vanadium, aluminum). This makes them much less biocompatible and less durable, with common side effects and rejection.
In our centre, all our patients are personally checked and operated on by dr. Ante Stjepan Vidovic, implantologist with a longtime experience in top clinics of Germany and Switzerland.

Implant placement is performed by a special surgical technique under local anesthesia and is completely painless. The placed implant represents an artificial tooth root to which a single tooth or multiple teeth in various prosthetic constructions are attached in order to replace the missing tooth/teeth.
A good and healthy jaw bone, which can be diagnosed by orthopantomograph or by CT scanning, is a precondition for implant/s placement.
If a patient suffers from jawbone loss, the solution to the problem is bone graft and maxillary sinus floor augmentation, better known as sinus lift, in the upper jaw.
Sinus lift is an oral surgery by which maxillary sinus bone is augmented so there is enough bone for dental implants to be placed. If a patient decides on an implant-prosthetic treatment as a solution for edentulism in the upper jaw, one of the frequent “obstacles” is the jawbone loss in the back region of the oral cavity.
The goal of this surgery is to fill a part of the maxillary sinus cavity by biomaterial which will eventually calcify and form a solid foundation for future implants. That partially filled maxillary sinus will have no negative impact on the physiological function of the sinuses and the health of the patient.
In some cases, prosthetic construction can be made immediately, the same day, but it all depends on the quality of the bone, the size and length of the implant, the loading and various  other factors that must be respected.
All on 4 and All on 6 are therapeutical treatments for edentulism, with 4 or 6 implants that will hold a fixed prosthetic construction, be it cemented bridges or a complete denture that is attached to the implant, and thus converted into a fixed replacement.
This provides a better stability, and when chewing, the pressure is through the implant evenly distributed to the bone.
The procedure of implant placement is one of the safest procedures in dentistry, with a success rate of 95-98%, and with a proper oral hygiene dental implants can last for more than thirty years!
Our team offers all kinds of aesthetic and prosthetic solutions on implants.

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