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Prosthetics (dental prosthetics) refers to any aesthetic or functional treatment of the tooth loss: be it crowns, dental bridges or dentures.
Any tooth deformation (broken tooth, tooth grinded down, discolouration, decay) can be treated by individual dental crowns or where there are several teeth in a row missing (extracted teeth) we suggest dental bridges or dentures.
Dental prosthetics treatment success depends on a number of factors and a good estimation or plan in regards to function, aesthetics, longevity of the prosthetic work is necessary.

Dental ceramics (or commonly known as porcelain, porcelain teeth, porcelain crowns) has nowadays, in dental prosthetics, become the golden standard because of a number of good properties that other materials do not have. Dental ceramics is hard, strong, high temperature endurant, chemicals and corrosion resistant, is not an electrical conductor and, most important, is biocompatible: does not provoke any allergic reaction and from an aesthetic point of view most of all other materials looks like natural teeth. In the missing teeth reconstruction ceramic crowns or ceramic bridges are the choice for the treatment of each patient.
Ceramic crowns are divided into:
– Metal-ceramic crowns
– Zirconium-ceramic crowns
– Nonmetal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns
For individual teeth and bridges metal-ceramic crowns are nowadays dental prosthetics standard for their hardness and durability, aesthetic and functional compliance and, financially, the most acceptable solution for oral rehabilitation.
Zirconium-ceramic crowns
Zirconium oxide ceramics is of an extremely high strength and dimensional stability, excellent biocompatibility (does not provoke any allergic reaction of the surrounding tissue) and o fan an excellent aesthetics (being white, the zirconium oxide below the ceramical coating is translucent, as opposed to metal in the metal-ceramic crowns where sometimes the margin line of the crown and the gingiva may be coloured differently and may be coloring the gum and sieving through metal meat).
Porcelain crowns
Full ceramics is the most acceptable solution for perfect aesthetics of the front teeth. Its colour, translucency, opalescence, transparency and fluorescence are most likely to mime all the optical properties of a real tooth. It is used for individual crowns or bridges with less than two to three elements.

A denture is the less complicated replacement for the loss of many or all teeth.
Partial dentures are used when a small number of teeth are missing, while total dentures restore complete edentulism. Complete dentures and partial dentures are usually made because of economic reasons since the mobile prosthetics is much cheaper as compared to fixed prosthetics.
The advantage of dentures is their acceptable price and production. Some patients have difficulties in getting used to mobile prothesis, which, as a result may cause a sense of unease.
Today there are different aesthetic elements (anchors, bars, etc.) that are used in combination with partial and complete dentures to give a perfect aesthetic result.

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