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Oral surgery
The word surgery usually causes discomfort, but when it comes to surgical procedures in the Dental centre Videntis we wouldlike to point out that the majority of these procedures are now performed under local anesthesia, and are completely painless.
The most common oral surgical procedures include tooth extraction, extraction of retained and impacted wisdom teeth, resection of the tooth root.
When we talk about oral surgery it is necessary to mention the less practiced interventions such as gum surgery and reconstruction of aesthetic and functional disorders of the oral cavity.
Wisdom teeth
During their eruption, wisdom teeth can cause pericoronitis – inflammation of the gums around them.
The symptoms of difficulties with wisdom teeth eruption are:
– pain and swelling,
– difficulties when opening the mouth,
– bad breath,
– fever.
In certain cases, oral surgery can be avoided by cleaning the area around the wisdom teeth, but if the eruption is complicated due to lack of space for the growth of teeth, the tooth should be removed surgically.
Wisdom teeth may be impacted or retained.
Impacted wisdom teeth are those that haven’t grown into a full arch of teeth because of an obstacle preventing their eruption. Most often there is another tooth that prevents the eruption of a wisdom tooth.
Retained wisdom tooth is one that has not grown for some other reason, and it usually grows in a wrong direction, the tooth embryonic cells are either too deep or damaged, etc.
Videntis dental centre provides oral surgical procedures under strictly controlled conditions of sterile environment.

The operation of extracting of wisdom teeth is a painless procedure that is performed under local anesthesia.

It is very important that, after the surgical removement of a wisdom tooth, the patient follows the instructions given to him and that the wound is kept clean, reducing thus the  risk of infection. A mild postoperative pain and possible swelling are normal after the surgery.
The postoperative recovery after the extraction of a wisdom tooth is very individual and depends on many factors, such as the general state of health, the operation itself, the body constitution of the patient and whether he followed the instructions about the care and hygiene after surgery that were given to him.

If you feel pain when opening your mouth, swelling of the gums, problems with teeth eruption we advise you to seek the opinion of experts in the Dental centre Videntis.

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