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Videntis, stomatološka kvaliteta po švicarskim standardima

Dentalni centar Videntis svoj [koncept LINK: TBD – Koncept, O nama] temelji na standardima kvalitete švicarskih stomatoloških poliklinika. Voditelj centra je [dr. Ante Stjepan Vidović LINK: TBD – dr. Vidović, O nama] koji je velik dio svog radnog vijeka proveo na vodećim pozicijama u švicarskim stomatološkim poliklinikama. Svojim pacijentima pružamo isključivo [najvišu kvalitetu usluge i materijala LINK: TBD – O nama] a specijalnosti Dentalnog centra Videntis su [implantologija LINK:] i [zubna protetika LINK:] . Kao svoju posebnost ističemo uslugu [dentalne hipnoze LINK:], koju pacijentima pruža dr. Vidović, školovani dentalni hipnoterapeut.

Implantologija u Videntisu

Implantologija u Videntisu

U Dentalnom centru Videntis nudimo ugradnju zubnih implantata od čistog titana švicarske premium marke Straumann te vrhunske njemačke marke Dental Ratio. Uz ove implantate provjerene i dokazane kvalitete nudimo i ugradnju [Straumann keramičkih implantata premium kvalitete LINK:]. Svi implantati koje ugrađujemo imaju doživotno jamstvo.

Kvalitetna zubna protetika

Kvalitetna zubna protetika

U zubnoj protetici primjenjujemo najnovija znanja i dokazane prakse. Stoga svojim pacijentima možemo ponuditi 7 godina jamstva na sve zubnoprotetske radove, od [krunica za zube LINK:], preko [zubnih mostova LINK:], do [keramičkih ljuskica LINK:] i [zubnih proteza LINK:].

Dentalna hipnoza

Dentalna hipnoza

Posebnu brigu posvećujemo pacijentima koji osjećaju povećan [strah i nemir u stomatološkom okruženju LINK:]. Zahvaljujući školovanju i praksi dentalnog hipnoterapeuta dr. Vidović imao je zadovoljstvo pomoći mnogim pacijentima da prestanu zanemarivati svoje dentalno zdravlje. Obratite nam se s povjerenjem!

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Videntis, dental quality according to Swiss standards

Videntis Dental Center’s concept is based on Swiss dental polyclinic quality standards. The head of the center is dr. Ante Stjepan Vidović who spent most of his life in leading positions at Swiss dental polyclinics. We provide our patients with the highest quality of service and materials and our specialty in the Videntis center are implantology and orthodontics. One of our unique services is a dental hypnosis, provided to patients by dr. Vidović, a trained dental hypnotherapist.

At Videntis Dental Center we offer pure titanium dental implants by a Swiss brand Straumann and a top German brand Dental Ratio. In addition to these tested implants with proven quality we also offer premium quality ceramic implants by Straumann. All implants fitted in our Center have a lifelong warranty.

In orthodontristy we apply the latest knowledge and proven practice. Therefore, we can offer our patients a 7 years warranty on all prosthodontic works, including toth crowns, dental bridges, ceramic veneers and dentures.

Special care is given to patients who experience increased fear and discomfort in the dental environment. Thanks to the education and practice of a dental hypnotherapist dr. Vidović was pleased to help many patients to stop ignoring their dental health due to fear. Contact us with confidence!

Our services

Our services

Dental implants

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Zirconia dental implants

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Invisalign, transparent aligner

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Dental hypnosis

Dental hypnosis is applied to patients who postpone their visit to a dentist due to various unpleasant psychosomatic reactions. Long-term avoidance to visit a dentist can seriously damage dental health, and dental hypnosis in such cases can be very helpful....

Cosmetic dentistry

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  • The staff is very professional, friendly and warm. They clarify and explain the whole procedure to the patient.

  • The quality of the service was excellent, and the courtesy of the employees helped my child to overcome fear. Thanks to the whole team!

  • Quality is impeccable! Interior and equipment are clean and exceptional.

  • The staff is great, friendly and willing to help. Excellent quality of service, excellent communication and agreement on everything.

  • Excellent communication, both professionally and in the sense of recognising my needs as a patient. Great organization, from ordering to sending reminders about appointment.

  • I brought to Videntis my son who was in great fear, even afraid to enter the office. After his first visit to Videntis, the fear fade away.

  • My experience has been great. Everyone at Videntis has been very professional and halpful to the maximum level.

  • The service is extremely good. It is completely customized to individual patient.

  • In Videntis my child and felt as if we were home.

  • Videntis's equipment is exceptionally good, I would dare say above standard. Hygiene is at the highest level, as well as the neatness of the entire space.

  • Everyone has been really helpful and friendly. Communication has been great. I was always able to ask questions and plan treatments. Videntis' staff explained procedures and options.