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Relationship with the patient

Relationship with the patient

Our relationship with the patient

We provide personal approach to every patient. We emphasize the quality of each dental therapy. Our approach is in contrast to mass ordering of patients who are then routinely treated practically in series.

The expectation you put before us, a healthy and beautiful smile, will be fulfilled only if your pleasure with our work lasts long after you leave our dental center. When you recommend us to your family and friends, we feel that we have fully justified your trust.

We help you overcome fear

A part of our personal approach to every patient is also a special understanding for patients who feel fear from a dentist. Dr. Vidović is a trained dental hypnotherapists and, if necessary, applies dental hypnosis, both for adults and children.

All dental treatments that may cause pain are performed in local anesthesia. We use high quality anesthesia that guarantees quick and powerful action.

Careful with children

When it comes to our youngest patients, we allow parents to bring them several times to get familiar with the environment. Dental therapies for children are carried out through pleasant conversation and play. Find out more about pediatric dentistry in Videntis on our “Pediatric dentistry” web page.

To satisfy all our patients, we use proven practices and proven materials, as well as new methods and contemporary achievements of dental medicine. Therefore, we are able to design solutions to the comfort of our patients.

The success of dental therapy and healthy smile is based on trust between you and our team. Your expectation is a nice and healthy smile. As a founder and head of Videntis Dental Center I can guarantee that to you.

Dr. Ante Stjepan Vidović, Head of Videntis Dental Center

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