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Dental bridges

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Dental bridges

The long-term lack of one or more teeth is a serious health problem. If solution for this problem is delayed for too long, it may result in loss of other teeth and damage to the jaw joint, accompanied by esthetic changes in the smile and facial appearance. Fortunately, today there are many solutions to the missing teeth problem, classified into prosthodontic and implant solutions.

Dental bridges are among the commonly used prosthodontic solutions to the problem of one or more missing teeth. As the name suggests, with this prosthodontic solution, we bridge the gap in the dental line. The construction of the dental bridge is simple. It consists of two or more interrelated dental crowns. Adjacent healthy teeth tooth or dental implants are used to anchor the bridge.

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How is the dental bridge set up?

The procedure for classic dental bridge require 2 to 3 visits to our dental center. If the patient has healthy abutment teeth and gums, the entire procedure, from the first visit to cementing the permanent dental bridge lasts 7 to 10 days. Below is a description of the dental bridge building.

At your first visit, we will check your condition and determine whether your missing teeth problem can be solved by a classic dental bridge. This means that you should have healthy teeth that we will use as abutments and healthy gums.

We will remove cavities from the abutment teeth, heal any inflammation or treat gum and periodontal disease. In some cases, we may need to remove the tooth that lies on the path of the dental bridge, which may not be saved or used as an abutment.

Do not worry if we are going to remove the tooth or treat the gums and periodontitis during the preparation, we will anticipate the time needed for recovery before we put a permanent dental bridge. During the recovery, you will be able to wear a temporary bridge we will make for you.

If abutment teeth are healthy, we can immediately start with the preparation: the teeth are shaped into a base to accept the bridge, in an identical way as with the base for dental crown.

Dentist’s experience is a key factor in making and placing a quality prosthodontics. Patients who opt for prosthodontics by us will be in safe hands of dr. Anamarija Marof, who has over 30 years of experience in prosthodontics. Videntis Dental Center provides a 7 year warranty for all prosthodontristy works, but with proper dental hygiene, the prosthodontics can last for 15 years and even more.

Patient’s adjustment to the dental bridge

Although the dental bridge is permanently fixed after cementing, the patient should be careful when chewing the first few days.

  • First two hours after cementing
    – Do not eat anything.
  • For the rest of the day after cementing
    – Eat only liquid and very soft foods, like porridge.
  • Next five days after cementing
    – Chew carefully, do not immediately chew very hard foods, and expect some sensitivity to warm and cold.

Cleaning and maintenance of the dental bridge

Your oral hygiene habits will greatly affect life span of your dental bridge and health of the gums and abutment teeth. Indeed, in case you have had any prosthodontics, like dental crowns, implants, dentures, and dental bridges, your oral hygiene has to be more thorough than before implanting. The abutment teeth may still get cavity, and the dental flesh around the dental bridge may become inflamed. Such conditions can detriment any prosthodontic, including the dental bridge.

However, you do not need to worry. To maintain high-quality dental hygiene you need nothing more than regular tools: toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental flosses and fluoride-containing mouthwash. If you want to be extra safe, we recommend adding interdental brush to your standard set of tools, for better cleaning between the teeth and a special dental floss that will clear the area beneath the bridge.

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Advantages of a dental bridge compared to partial denture

Natural teeth are better than any tooth replacement. However, if you require prosthodontristry, fixed prosthodontics have advantages over removable ones. They encourage and maintain jaw functionality allowing more natural sense of speech and chewing.

Advantages of a dental bridge compared to partial denture:

  • Complete stability and immobility
  • The chewing force is transferred to the abutment teeth, not tooth flesh
  • Does not affect quality of speech or the sense for chewing food
  • Easier and faster adjustment for patient
  • A dental bridge looks like a natural tooth and you feel the same
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