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Dental calculus removal

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Dental calculus removal

Regular calculus removal is an integral part of oral hygiene. At Videntis Dental Center, we recommend to all patients to visit us for a check up and to remove dental tartar. In this way, we solve the hidden dangers threatening from the tartar.

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What is dental tartar and why is it harmful?

Various processes occur in the oral cavity due to consumption of food and drinks. The byproducts of these processes are, among other things, various deposits on teeth that need to be removed regularly. If we neglect this fact and do not maintain oral hygiene, that creates a harmful environment for the teeth.

Plaque is a damaging deposit consisting of a colorless layer of saliva, impurities and bacteria. We fight plaque with regular brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing with fluoride-based mouthwash. However, dental tartar or calculus is much more resistant.

How do we remove dental calculus?

At Videntis Dental Center we remove dental deposits in several ways, depending on their hardness. Lightweight deposits, such as plaque and pigmentation, can be removed with brushes on the dental mill and by sandblasting. However, as the dental calculus belongs to the harder formations, we use ultrasonic removal.

Although the teeth can be sensitive around the area near the tooth neck, the treatment for calculus removal is virtually painless. After calculus removal, the teeth will be sandblasted and polished to be smooth and less susceptible to the formation of new deposits.

Important benefits of calculus removal:

  • Reduced risk of caries development
  • Reduced risk of gingivitis
  • Reduced risk of periodontitis
  • Reduced risk of tooth loss
  • Long-term savings on expensive dental treatments
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Teeth sandblasting

Sandblasting is the technique of removing dental deposits with fine micro-abrasive sand grains dispersed in pressurized water. The procedure is completely painless and restores natural brilliance to teeth.

Due to the consumption of coffee, colored drinks or cigarettes, the teeth can be stained with yellow and dark spots. In addition to the bad esthetic impression, these deposits also contribute to the formation of dental tartar. With teeth sandblasting we can completely remove such deposits, and we offer our patients a choice between the mint, raspberry or neutral taste sand.

Teeth sandblasting benefits:

  • Less accumulation of impurities and calculus on teeth
  • Removing teeth stains
  • Smooth and shiny teeth
  • Effect of freshly whitened teeth
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