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Dental crowns

Dobrodošli u Videntis Dental centar gdje je Vaš osmijeh naša briga!

Dental crowns

Each of your natural teeth consists of a root, the part we do not see, and the crown, the white part we see and recognize the beauty of a tooth. Unfortunately, both the root and the crown of the teeth can be damaged, and have natural disadvantages to be removed. In the process of treating such teeth, various changes in color or tooth shape may occur, and that sometimes means that the whole tooth or at least the crown of the teeth must be replaced by an artificial replacement. For root canal replacement, we use dental implants, and to replace the crown of the tooth, we use artificial crowns popularly called “caps”.

Dental crowns successfully solve the problem of cosmetic or functional tooth defects. We categorise them as fixed prosthetics, and the patient cannot remove them and return them to their place. We will successfully solve the problem of tooth crown damaged by caries, broken or darkened dental crown, as well as dental crowns with natural esthetic and functional disadvantages.

Dental crowns are placed on individual teeth, and when connected to a string they form a fixed prosthetic replacement we call a dental bridge. We, at the Videntis Dental Center, offer crowns made of proven and quality materials and the patients are in safe hands of dr. Anamarija Marof, who has over 30 years of experience with prosthetic dental implants.

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When to install a dental crown?

We recommend tooth crown replacement if the natural crown has lost most of its shape and the tooth has lost its firmness and function. Such tooth is in danger of further damage and even of permanent loss. If the tooth only has some cosmetic disadvantages in shape and color, it is recommended to remove them with veneers.

We recommend use of artificial dental crowns:

  • If the natural tooth crown is partially or completely destroyed by caries: in this case we may incorporate a partial or complete dental crown.
  • If there has been a physical tooth fracture: a common occurrence on the front teeth due to, for example, a punch, but the crown of the back teeth is also known to break when biting something hard.
  • In case of any other damage to the tooth crown which cannot be repaired by a filling: materials and application of the filling are limited, so the artificial dental crown is sometimes the only solution.
  • If the tooth underwent an extensive endodontic treatment, resulting in the removal or a functional damage of most of the tooth crown.

The procedure for installing a dental crown

Although the natural crown of the tooth can be destroyed, there is enough material left on the tooth to serve as the foundation for a prosthetic dental crown. Therefore, the first step in the installation of the crown is to grind the natural tooth and form the base for the cap. At the Videntis Dental Center, before grinding, we take an impression of the existing tooth so that we can create a temporary, acrylic crown for the patient. It is lightly cemented on a grinded base and easily removed.

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Materials for dental crowns

We use materials tested and proven in contemporary prosthodontistry. They need to replace the tooth crown with esthetic and physical-mechanical properties, so they are at the same time most beautiful and most durable materials in prosthetics: glass-ceramics, zirconia-ceramics (colloquial zirconia), PEEK (polyether-ether-ether-ketone) and dental ceramics. According to the crown material, we divide them it into completely ceramic or non-metal crowns and metal ceramic crowns, where we combine ceramics and metal.

Prosthodontistry is a reliable solution.

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We offer non-metallic, titanium-ceramic and metal-ceramic dental crowns and bridges. For cosmetic corrections we offer ceramic or composite veneers. If you have questions call us at – 00385 1 5515 300 – or send an inquiry.

Non-metal dental crowns

Glass-ceramic dental crowns have been made since 70s of the last century. They have a high mechanical strength and exceptional esthetic properties. Glass-ceramics is used to make Emax and Empress non-metal dental crowns, which reflect and pass the light truthfully imitating a natural tooth.

They are particularly valued for creating a frontal region, smile region, but due to their exceptional hardness we often use them in the back region, for example, in premolars.

Metal-ceramic and titan-ceramic dental crowns

One of the most widely used prosthetic materials, dental ceramics, has been developed from porcelain, and in terms of composition and properties it resembles porcelain and glass. However, unlike non-metal dental crowns, dental crowns made of tooth ceramics do not have an excellent light conductivity. The reason for that is because they require a metal base as a support.

The most commonly used metals have different biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and durability. In metal-ceramic crowns, cobalt – chromium alloys are used as a more cost efficient option, while titanium-ceramics use various titanium alloys, and are a bit more expensive version.

The basic difference between cobalt and titanium alloy is the fact that titanium has higher biocompatibility and due to its other properties, such as low specific weight, has been increasingly proven to be an ideal solution. Metal-ceramic and titanium-ceramic crowns have an excellent price/quality ratio.

Prices and durability of the teeth crown

When we talk about prices, the most favorable are metal-ceramic dental crowns. They are followed by titan-ceramic crowns, and the highest price has the esthetically highest quality solution, Emax and Empress, as well as zirconia-ceramic crowns. The higher cost of non-metal dental crowns occurs due to a more complex process of manufacture and more expensive material.

At Videntis Dental Center, we give7-year warranty on all prosthetic works, including teeth crowns. With proper dental hygiene, however, it is quite common for prosthetic works to last 15 years, and even longer.

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