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Dental hypnosis

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Dental hypnosis

Dental hypnosis is applied to patients who postpone their visit to a dentist due to various unpleasant psychosomatic reactions. Long-term avoidance to visit a dentist can seriously damage dental health, and dental hypnosis in such cases can be very helpful.

Dental hypnosis has nothing to do with hypnotic manipulation, mind control, or changing the perception we see in movies and the entertainment industry. Since hypnosis is a state of deep and concentrated attention, with dental hypnosis we try to guide the mind to concentrate on the positive sensations instead of the negative ones. The patient is aware of the procedure, but it is easier for them to go through the entire dental experience.

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When do we use dental hypnosis?

Dental hypnosis is used to address the various discomforts and fears that patients can experience:

  • Relaxation before and during the dental procedure
  • Anxiety control
  • Control over bruxism
  • Reduction of nauseating reflex during procedures
  • Pain control
  • Relaxation before receiving anesthesia by injection
  • Easier adjustment to dental equipment

When it comes to severe fear of dental treatment we are talking about dental phobias. A dentist who is expert in dental hypnosis can help a lot. Our experience shows that dental hypnosis is very helpful for people who have developed a strong dental phobia. Find out more information about dental phobia and how to overcome on our web page “Dental phobia“.

In Videntis Dental Center dental hypnosis is applied by dr. Ante Vidović who performs hypnosis on patients before and during the treatment. Dr. Vidović studied dental hypnosis at the German Dental Hypnosis Association in Stuttgart .

How does dental hypnosis look like?

In our center patients who want dental hypnosis can be in a separate room. However, most hypnotic treatments are applied immediately before the procedure, in the clinic. During the procedure dr. Vidović keeps the patient in hypnosis.

The quality of dental hypnosis treatment is not affected by the environment as much as by quality communication and analysis of what exacerbates fear in patients.

For preparation of adults, it is enough to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to get into a hypnotic state. During the process, panic and fears disappear, you retain complete control over your body, you are always at full consciousness, aware of all surrounding events, feeling relaxed and without fear for the ongoing procedure.

There is a variety of dental hypnosis techniques ranging from holding hands to fixing on a certain point, or even pronouncing specific words.

Once the patient has a positive dental experience, he usually does not need dental hypnosis because he no longer feels an increased fear.

Dental hypnosis in children

Preparing a child for the procedure is not even necessary; can be started immediately. Since children have a strong imagination, the number of applicable techniques is wider: from imagining their favorite cartoon, to counting or adding, depending on the child’s interest. Sometimes, our little patients do not even notice a dental procedure with dental hypnosis.

Dental hypnotic treatments are generally so subtle and unobtrusive that most patients do not even register that they have gone through hypnosis.

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