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Dental phobia

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Dental phobia

Imagine the following scenario:

You walk down the street and see a commercial for a dental office. It reminds you that you have long delayed your visit to the dentist. Even on that thought your heart starts to accelerate quickly, cold sweat gets you, you feel shaken and nauseated. To avoid discomfort, you go to the opposite side of the street and move away quickly.

Did you recognize this description? If you had, it is possible that you suffer from dental phobia.

strah od zubara

Causes of dental phobia

Dental phobias are most often caused by bad experience at a dentist. Studies indicate that up to 85% of dental phobia can be reduced to this cause. It should be borne in mind that this nasty experience does not only consist of physical pain, but also psychological and emotional, e.g. in the form of humiliation by the dentist.

Briga o zubnim implantatima

Types of fears from dental procedures

After a bad experience with a dentist, symptoms may be typical of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). These are usually forced thoughts about bad experience, nightmares about dental experiences, etc. This in turn encourages the development of a dental phobia.

We conquer the fear together!

In Videntis, dental fears are successfully addressed with special attention and understanding as well as by proven dental hypnosis method available in Croatian, German and French.

Dental hypnosis

Dental hypnosis is a method of therapy by which you and the dentist stimulate the internal processes of change with conscious participation, reaching a state of comfort and peace of mind.

During the process, panic and fears disappear, you retain complete control over your body, you are always at full consciousness, aware of all surrounding events, feeling relaxed and without fear for the ongoing procedure.

Dental hypnosis in Videntis is applied to adults, but also to children with personal consent and presence of a parent. Find out more about dental hypnosis in Videntis on our web page “Dental hypnosis“.

Why turn to us your fight against fear of dentist:

  • In Videntis we pay particular attention to people who are afraid of dental works.
  • Dental hypnosis at our dental center is carried out by dr. Vidović, a trained dental hypnotherapist.
  • We have proven our expertise in the field of hypnosis in many of our patients, both adults and children.
  • With the use of dental hypnosis we even performed implant works.

Dental phobia may present through following:

  • 1) Fear of blood 
  • Fear of medical needle injection 
  • Prolonged delay of the dentist visit despite great pain  
  • Insomnia before visiting the dentist  
  • Swellingshaking or even panic attacks  
  • Feeling panic fear when arriving at the dental office Strah od krvi.

Consequences of dental phobia

Since people suffering from dental phobia avoid going to a dentist, this necessarily results in poor oral health.

Over time, it is manifested in disorders such as pain, chewing and digestive problems, speech problems, and esthetic problems.

Apart from poor oral health endangering the quality of life, it can add up to the development of life threatening diseases such as:

  • heart disease
  • gastrointestinal disease
  • lung infections
  • stroke
  • atherosclerosis
  • cause even premature delivery
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