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Invisalign, transparent aligner

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Invisalign, transparent aligner

Invisalign is a transparent tooth splint technology. The splints are made of durable and non-harmful transparent plastics. The Invisalign technology and system were developed in the 2000s in the United States, where they are now recommend by 75% orthodontists.

Invisalign has the same application as a classic dental braces made of metal locks and wires, but has many advantages over it.

Orthodontic therapy for each patient is different. Therefore, we create special Invisalign splints for each patient. After examining and planning orthodontic therapy, the patient receives specific number of Invisalign splints. They need to be changed every 15 days.

With each new splint the teeth are gradually moved to the next position as predicted by the treatment plan. At the end, all teeth will reach the desired spot and your smile will shine.


Procedure to make Invisalign: selection of Invisalign splints

In the Videntis Dental Center, the procedure to make transparent Invisalign splints begins with inspection of orthodontic anomalies to be treated. Depending on the patients condition our dentists will recommend one of the following Invisalign therapies.

Types of Invisalign splint therapies

This type of splint is most commonly used in adults. Since Invisalign Full is the most flexible and equipped with all features of this system, we are able to solve even complex orthodontic anomalies of I, II and III class with it. The number of splints for Invisalign Full is not limited and the duration of treatment depends on the treatment plan. Invisalign Full covers both jaws. Even if the Full Therapy is used to treat only one jaw, the patient wears passive splint for the other jaw.

Only show your nice smile, not dental braces.

With Invisalign, that’s possible.

Invisalign is the top choice for an increasing number of our patients. It is comfortable to wear, and will not be noticed even by the persons closest to you.  If you have a question about Invisalign, please feel free to call us or send an inquiry.

How is Invisalign made: taking the impression and making the splint

After choosing the type of Invisalign splint, we take teeth impression in our clinic. That impression shows the existing condition upon which the treatment plan will be made. Orthodontic therapy will determine the number of splints, and a digital 3D model will be made in accordance with the treatment phases.

In addition to taking the impression for Invisalign splints, photographs of the left, right and front bite, as well as the profile and the smile should be made. Photos will be used to create 3D models and make treatment plan.

After completion and approval of the therapy plan, the Invisalign splint is made. The whole procedure from the first visit and taking of the impression, therapy planning, until completion of the splints takes about 20 days. During this period, the orthodontist will precisely adjust all stages of Invisalign therapy.

Procedure to make Invisalign: setting the first splint

After the Invisalign splints are made, it is time to set the first splint. That first one is set up out in our clinic, while other splints are changed on your own. It is common to fit composite supports on teeth, so-called “attachments”. They are essential for therapy. They apply a necessary pressure to teeth to move in the desired direction. Other adjustments can also be made, such as tooth grinding to make room for their shift, etc.

Further on we will guide you into the course of the therapy and how many additional visits will be needed in the upcoming months. For example, it is common for Invisalign Full orthodontic therapy to include visits every 2 months, depending on the therapy details.

Along with these remarks you will also receive tips on how to change the splint and how to keep them clean.

Invisalign-prozirni aparatić

What to choose: Invisalign or metal braces?

Tooth-straightening is nowadays successfully done with metal dental braces and Invisalign splints. Both systems have their own specifics that can, in certain cases, prove crucial to the ultimate choice.

The metal dental braces consists of locks glued to the teeth and interconnected by wire and rubber. They are made of stainless steel, and can be made in colored, esthetically pleasing variants.

These traditional dental braces also include lingual apparatus, placed on the inner side of the jaw. They also consist of metal locks and wire links. Although less visible, lingual dental braces are more expensive and more difficult to maintain.

There are also dental braces with ceramic locks. Their advantage is a color more similar to the teeth, hence the braces are less noticeable.

All these types of dental braces variants are available at our dental center. However, most of our patients opt for Invisalign. Check the comparison of basic Invisalign and metal dental braces features.

Comparison of Invisalign and metal braces


Transparent, inaccessible even from close proximity, can be removed.


An intricate metallic look, while a less visible ceramic or colored variant is more expensive. It cannot be removed.

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