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Pediatric dentistry

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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry or pedodontics is part of dental medicine that deals with prevention and treatment of teeth in children.

In addition to treatment of baby teeth and permanent teeth, pediatric dentistry also includes getting to know the dental environment, getting used to dental work and education about dental hygiene and health.

The first visit to the dentist as well as the maintenance of baby teeth is recommended before any need for any treatment is indicated.

With a simple check up, the dentist will gain the child’s trust and provide important tips for taking care of the teeth.

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First child’s visit to dentist office

The first visit of a child to a dentist is recommended in baby’s second year. It is good for a child to visit the clinic several times without any intervention on tooth, because the child will thus gain confidence and positive experiences with the dentist.

In order to do this, it is important not to postpone a visit to the dentist until the child is suffering from pain or has a need for more than one check.

Fun info:

In Videntis, our little patients cannot only play with toys and crayons we have for them, but also take dental tools in their hands. Then it’s really a pediatric dentistry!

Fear of dentist

Fear of dentist often develops at the youngest age. Sometimes that fear can stay with a person for a lifetime. This can have a great effect on dental health.

At Videntis Dental Center we specialize in helping small patients whose fear of dentists is already very pronounced. We use dental hypnosis techniques.

Dental hypnosis is part of dental assistive methods and is useful if patients have a particularly strong fear of dental treatment. It is used in adult patients as well as in children, and it is particularly useful when parents no longer know how to help a child to overcome their great fear.

For more information on dental hypnosis visit our web page “Dental hypnosis“.

Baby teeth

Baby teeth begin to grow 6 months after birth and reach a full number of 20 baby teeth by the third year.

In pediatric dentistry we advise hygiene and treatment not only of baby teeth, but the permanent ones. Baby teeth are predecessors to permanent ones. They preserve space for their successor and encourage proper jaw development.

Baby teeth can convey caries to permanent teeth but also affect the formation of orthodontic anomalies. Permanent teeth resorb the baby teeth roots. If the baby teeth are still in place a dentist can help in its removal.

Oral hygiene in children

Oral hygiene is an integral part of pediatric dentistry . With early arrival to the dentist, the child and parents are also introduced to preventive measures, such as proper teeth brushing and selection of toothpaste and toothbrush.

At the Videntis Dental Center parents and children are regularly acquainted with the following oral hygiene advice:

  • Children can brush their teeth as soon as the grow. In very young children, the teeth can be brushed with a damp gauze and later with a very soft brush suitable to the child’s age.
  • A toothpaste can be used by a child from the second year of life. It is important for the child to learn how to spit out mouth contents.
  • When choosing a paste, pay attention to what child age it is intended for.
  • Be an example to your children in oral hygiene. In little children we do not insist so much on the brushing “technique”, as to show with our example that oral hygiene is something common and everyday.
  • We advise parents to check if the teeth have been cleaned up and help their kids to complete cleaning.
  • When a child is six to seven years of age, they can independently brush their teeth, but parents still need to take care if they are doing it well and regularly.

Other preventive measures: fluoridation and sealing of fissures

Preventive measures in pediatric dentistry include fluoridation of teeth and sealing of fissures.

Find out more about fluoridation on our web page “Teeth fluoridation“. If you want to find out more about sealing of fissures, visit our web page “Sealing of fissures“.

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