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Root canal treatment

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Root canal treatment

Treatment of root canal belongs to a special branch of dentistry, endodontics. Endodontics is a set of contemporary dental procedures with a goal to treat pulp within the root canal and the tissue surrounding the root canal.

When we treat the root canal and the surrounding tissue we try to save the tooth from dying. The only alternative to dental treatment is its extraction. However, a cured natural tooth is better than a prosthetic replacement or an implant. Therefore, whenever possible, it is recommended to carry out an endodontic treatment instead of extracting the tooth.

Advantages of tooth rescue by endodontics in relation to extraction and replacement of the removed tooth:

  • Effective chewing and natural chewing feeling
  • Normal chewing force when chewing
  • Natural appearance, consistent with other teeth
  • Protection of the adjacent teeth from excessive load and wear
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Causes of tooth disease: inflamed or infected pulp

The pulp is a soft tissue inside the root canal. It consists of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. It allows the growth of the root of the teeth during its development, however, sometimes its inflammation or infection occurs.

Common causes of pulp inflammation or infection are:

  • Deep caries
  • Frequent dental procedures on the tooth
  • Bad dental crowns
  • Broken or cracked tooth

Pulp inflammation may also occur in case of a tooth injury, without visible cracking or tearing of the tooth. Inflamed or infected tooth will become painful and may be swollen as well. Such dental swelling is called abscess, and sometimes it has to be surgically treated before we start to treat the tooth.

How do we treat the root canal?

In the process of treating the root canal, the inflamed or infected root pulp should be removed and root thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and filled with the antibacterial material.

Thanks to modern equipment and regular use of local anesthesia, endodontic treatment of teeth at Videntis Dental Center is completely painless. In order to thoroughly clean the root canal we use an endometer, a device that precisely determines root depth.

A fully developed tooth can remain functional even without the pulp because it is fed from the surrounding tissue. After cleaning the root of an inflammed or infected pulp the crown is reconstructed from the composite filling. The result is a functional tooth that can last a lifetime.

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Symptoms of an inflamed or infected tooth

If you have the following symptoms seek advice from a dentist – you may need a root canal treatment:

  • Pain when biting or applying pressure on a tooth
  • Sensitivity to warm or cold, especially if retained in the tooth
  • Temporary or permanent pain in the tooth
  • Swelling, incuding a pimple on a dental flesh to swelling of the whole cheek
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