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Sealing of fissures

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Sealing of fissures

Fissures are the grooves that separate dental lumps on the tooth crown and are located on the premolars and morals.
Although the upper tooth surface with fissures are makes a small part of the total tooth surface, it is the one most commonly attacked by caries. The reason for that is because the plaque and food remains accumulate in fissures. Naturally narrow and deep fissures prevent good dental hygiene, thus making a suitable surface for bacterial development.

Therefore, the unevenness on the upper tooth surface is covered with a composite material. This procedure is called sealing of fissures and falls into preventive procedures in the field of pediatric and family dentistry.


Sealing of fissures and oral hygiene

Sealing of fissures is not a substitute for regular teeth brushing as we close a very small part of the tooth with a composite. In addition, teeth that are not sealed are still endangered by caries.

This procedure is just one of the preventative measures we sometimes recommend for our little patients. More advice on dental hygiene for children is available on our website “Pediatric dentistry“.

Sealing of fissures is recommended as long as permanent premolars and molars grow, i.e. between 5 and 10 years of age. Caries mostly forms in the first four years after premolars and molars appear.

Studies conducted included over 6,500 children and proved that sealing of fissures reduces the chance of caries for 50% (Cochrane Oral Health Group).


How the fissures are sealed?

  •  Clean the tooth with a rotating brush and paste
  • Tooth enamel etching
  • Applying sealing material
  • Seal and occlusion control

The procedure is neither invasive or painful, and the material being applied is resistant and has the same color as the tooth.

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