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Teeth jewelry

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Teeth jewelry

Teeth decoration has a long tradition in many parts of the world and teeth jewelry is still popular today. Nowadays, teeth jewels are mostly made of high gloss materials, precious metals, surgical steel, and zirconia ornaments in different colors, precious and semiprecious stones and diamonds.

There are several reasons for using dental jewelry. Most often we use dental jewelry to emphasize the beauty of a smile and to personalize it. A beautiful and impressive smile is what we always remember about a person. Dental jewelry can highlight the prettier side of a smile or conceal an imperfection.

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Teeth jewelry

The dental jewelry range is very wide and its selection is a matter of personal patient’s taste. Mostly used are gems made of zirconia. That is a great choice, as zirconia jewelry has high gloss, low price, a wide variety of colors and shapes, and it is easily implanted.

Besides zirconia dental jewelry, teeth are often adorned with precious metals, fine and semi-precious stones. In Videntis Dental Center we offer zirconia dental ornaments, if the patient wants, we can also make all other variants of tooth jewelry.

Teeth jewelry placement

Placement of zirconia teeth jewelry is painless. It is a non-invasive procedure that does not harm aesthetics or tooth health. It is recommended that teeth jewelry be fitted in a dental practice as appropriate materials, tools and sterile accessories are available there which will, along with the expertise of the dentist, ensure that the teeth jewelry is placed in the right place and without the risk of infection due to non-sterile conditions.

Teeth jewelry is placed on a tooth using a specially safe binder that does not damage the dental enamel. The procedure may vary depending on whether how strong adhesion the patient wants to prevent tooth gem to fall off.

Zirconia gem

Since this is a more cost efficient tooth decoration option, patients mostly opt for an non-invasive adhesion method, which does not damage the enamel and allows the possible removal of the gem without visible traces.

Procedure for setting zirconia gems

  • The place where we want to glue the gem will be treated with acid (etching) in order to get the abrasive surface.
  • After that we apply the binder and attach the gem to the tooth.

Depending on the lifestyle of an individual, zirconia dental jewelry can last forever on the tooth. If it happens to fall off, we can easily re-attach it.

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Expensive jewels

When installing, for example, diamonds or other precious stones, binding procedure may be different. Although it all depends on the patient’s desire, we want to guarantee that the gems will permanently remain on the tooth.

Procedure for setting diamonds

  • In order to get the stronger support for tooth jewels we will make a small hole on the tooth base. Unlike acid etching, this procedure is invasive and leaves a trace on the tooth. However, there is no reason to worry. If a patient wishes to remove the jewel, we will close the opening with an esthetically acceptable material that will preserve the beauty and health of the teeth.
  • We apply the binder to hole and fasten the jewelry.
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