Who is a suitable candidate for a dental implant?

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Who is a suitable candidate for a dental implant?

Reasons for dental implant installation

Patients often ask if they are suitable candidates for dental implant installation. However, there are no reasons for pessimism: dental implants can be fitted in every healthy patient who is prepared to adhere to good dental hygiene.

Sometimes there are temporary obstacles that have to be taken into account in the implantation plan. There is a solution for everybody and there is practically no reason why we could not install dental implants. Below is a description of dental and non-dental temporary obstacles to implantation and how we deal with them.

Održavanje implantata
zubni implantat

Bone loss

The most common temporary obstacle to a dental implant is a lack of the jaw bone. The jaw bone is a foundation that holds both natural root canal and dental implant as well. The jaw bone can naturally become too narrow and too tight for the implant, but its deficiency is often caused by a long lasting lack of tooth.

Namely, if the tooth loss occurs, the process of resorption of the jaw bone begins. This means that the body slowly breaks down the jaw bone on the spot where the tooth is missing. After a certain period of time, the bone may become too narrow and too tight to install the implant.

Solution for bone loss

Whether it is a natural disadvantage or the bone retraction occurred after longer teeth absence, the implantologist will suggest post and core or augmentation of the jaw bone to create the foundation for the dental implant. This is a regular and quite common procedure for implanting. There are several bone augmentation methods and the implantologist will select the one most appropriate for the individual patient.

How is the jaw bone augmented?

Whether you have enough bone material to accept implant, the implantologist will be easily determined on the basis of the jaw x-ray image. Depending on the condition, it is sometimes possible to upgrade the jaw bone in one procedure and install the implant. This significantly shortens the duration of the implant therapy.

Nadogradnja umjetnim biomaterijalom za generiranje kosti.

Sinus lift

With the jaw bone augmentation the sinus lift procedure should also be mentioned, since it also means building up the foundation for a dental implant.

If the sinus in the patient is naturally low and there is not enough bone to install dental implant, the bottom of the sinus will be elevated by the bone extension in that part. This is also a fairly common procedure that does not have any negative consequences for the health of sinuses and the patient.

The lowered sinus will be diagnosed by the dentist on the X-ray image and predict the lift in the implanting plan. In case of the jaw bone augmentation, it is possible in some cases to lift the sinus and install the implant in one step, shortening the length of the implant therapy.

Gum disease

Healthy gums are crucial not only for implanting, but also for example the successful installation of traditional prosthodontics. If the patient is suffering from periodontitis and inflammatory processes, it is necessary to treat these conditions before installing a dental implant. Otherwise, there is a great possibility of rejecting dental implants, in the same way as a tooth falls out due to periodontitis.

Solution for gum disease

In Videntis Dental Center, we successfully treat periodontitis. Dr. Vidović has been professionally trained in modern methods for treating this disease he is also our main implantologist. In the implanting plan, we will take into consideration whether the gums need to be treated first to ensure that your dental implants will be stable.

Dental implants are a reliable solution.

It’s time to smile again and enjoy the food.

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udlage za bruksizam

Bruxism or teeth grinding

Bruxism is a strong, unconscious tooth grinding or compressing the jaw during sleep. It may also occur in the waking state, and today it is known that this condition is caused by accumulated stress, a feeling of tension, and similar. This habit is very burdensome and wears the teeth, far more than usual chewing. Therefore bruxism can lead to reduced performance of the dental implant.

Patients who want to install dental implants and suffer from bruxism are advised to wear anti-bruxism splint. These are individually crafted splints that we will make specifically you which need to be worn overnight.

Other constraints for implant insertion

There are obstacles to implant implants that are not dental by nature. They should also be taken care of, often with counseling with doctors from other branches of medicine.

Autoimmune and systemic diseases along with diabetes and high blood pressure may be a hindrance to implant implants. Patients suffering from these conditions will decide if dental implants are suitable for them.

It is most important that the patient is keeping the disease under control, following the advice of their doctors. Every case is individual and the adoption of a professional court before implantation of dental implants is of great importance.

Due to a bit less esthetic properties, this is the most affordable but on the other hand very durable dental crown variant, excellent for replacing premolar and molars.

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