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Cosmetic dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry unites virtually all areas of dentistry with the aim of achieving a prettier smile. The procedures we apply can sometimes be jointly referred to as “Smile design”. They usually include procedures such as teeth whitening, ceramic veneers installation and replacing amalgam fillings with esthetic white fillings.

However, if there is a need for a wide-ranging oral reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry can also include orthodontic therapy, oral and parodontological surgery and prosthodontics.

Therefore, cosmetic dentistry clinics are expected to have expertise in oral surgery, implantology, prosthodontistry, orthodontics and periodontics.

This is exactly the expertise in Videntis Dental Center. The head of our dental center, dr. Ante Stjepan Vidović is a specialist in complex dental surgery, implantology and cosmetic dental medicine. He graduated in Germany and worked in German and Swiss polyclinics.

Although the aim of cosmetic dentistry is a prettier smile, it should be emphasized that it also takes into account the functionality and the preservation of health and the natural features of the smile, by bringing them to balance.

estetska stomatologija Zagreb
izbjeljivanje zubi

Teeth whitening

The simplest and most widely used procedure for achieving a more beautiful smile is teeth whitening. It is a non-invasive procedure which in 45 minutes in the clinic can make your teeth eight times whiter. Teeth whitening is performed using a gel with high hydrogen peroxide concentration. It is applied twice, and sometimes three times in one treatment with a duration of a single application up to 20 minutes.

Find out more about them on our web page “Teeth whitening”.


Veneers are thin pieces of ceramics placed on the face of the front teeth. They are able to reproduce the natural appearance and tooth strength. This prosthetic replacement is used to esthetically correct the following:

  1. shape and size of the teeth
  2. position and color of the teeth, e.g. twisted and dark teeth
  3. fractured, crooked and worn teeth
  4. orthodontic irregularities, such as the gap between the teeth
  5. replace old, unsightly composite fillings.

Veneers are placed to a visible part of the smile by grinding the face of a tooth about 0.5 mm of the enamel layer and thus making the base for a veneer. Then we glue the veneer on a tooth with special binder material that will guarantee not only esthetic impression but also the firmness of the veneer.

Find out more about veneers on our web-page “Veneers”.

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Hollywood star’s smile is a dream that can come true.

Maybe your way to the stars will take you right through the Videntis Dental Center.

If you are not sure what you would like to do with your smile, come to our free professional consultations and we will find the answer together. If you have questions call us at – 00385 1 5515 300 – or send an inquiry.

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Aesthetic tooth filling

Esthetic filling of the tooth is considered a filling of composite or ceramic material that resembles a natural tooth in appearance, durability and shape. In this way the loss of natural hard dental tissue is esthetically and functionally replaced. When esthetic filling of the tooth is made, the lumps and grooves on the crown are formed, which, besides the natural appearance, also provide a natural feeling when biting and chewing.

When an esthetic restoration is correctly performed, the transition between the filling material and the tooth itself should be hardly noticeable.

Find out more about filling types at Videntis Dental Center on our web-page “Tooth repair“.

Dental crowns

Cosmetic dentistry often includes esthetic prosthodontics. When we talk about esthetic aspect of dental crowns, then crowns made entirely of ceramics or zirconia are the best solution.

That is why Videntis Dental Center offers Emax, Empress and non-metal zirconia crowns to our patients who want to beautify their smile the most. Their functional properties, shade, and translucency esthetically most likely replace the natural tooth.

When do we install dental crowns?

  • If the natural tooth is damaged or cracked but cannot be repaired by filling
  • If the natural tooth is structurally weakened by caries
  • In the event of worn out existing prosthetics
  • Tooth decay after endodontic treatment

Find out more about dental crowns and prosthodontics on our web page “Dental crowns”.

Bezmetalna zubna keramika zagreb

Orthodontics, oral surgery and implantology in cosmetic dentistry

For a good smile design, it is sometimes necessary to make a complete oral reconstruction. The scope of works in such cases can include orthodontic dental therapy, fitting teeth size and shape with facial features, correction of dental flesh height and placement of implants. Sometimes this means complex procedures requiring precision, expertise and time.

Thanks to its expertise and equipment, the Dental Centre Videntis will enable you to undergo all these complex works in one place.

We offer you free professional consultations.

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