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What is a periodont?

Periodontium is a set of tissues that keep the tooth in its place. It serves as a support and as a foundation for the teeth. The periodontal tissue includes dental flesh (gingiva), periodontal ligament, tooth cement and bone surrounding the root canal.

Periodontal tissue plays an important role in the stability and health of the teeth. Since the chewing force is transmitted onto the jaw bone, it must be stable and healthy. If the periodontal tissue is withdrawn and lost, the teeth will be disrupted and might come out.

Periodontium therefore has the same importance for teeth health as enamel. This is also confirmed by the fact that the teeth in adults tend to deteriorate due to periodontal disease rather than caries.

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Periodontics: preserving the health of the periodontium

Periodontics is a part of dental medicine that deals with the treatment and preservation of periodontal health. The disease we treat is called periodontal disease and it consists of two phases: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis is a mild inflammation of the dental flesh (gingiva). Most commonly, we recognize it by the presence of blood in the content that is released after the teeth are brushed.

Gingivitis can be cured, but if ignored it can result in a chronic disease: periodontitis. Its long-term neglect creates a risk of losing teeth and serious damage to dental health.

Find out more about gingivitis on our web page “Periodontal disease: gingivitis” and more about periodontitis on our web page “Periodontal disease: periodontitis“.

Periodontic therapy

Periodontic therapy can have several phases. Sometimes changes in oral hygiene significantly improve the patient’s oral health. However, if this is not enough, it is necessary to apply more complicated procedures.

At Videntis Dental Center we have extensive experience in treating periodontal disease. Head of our dental center, dr. Vidović, has been educated in periodontics.

Periodontic therapy phases

First of all, we recommend to patients to include dental floss, interdental brushes or teeth shower, etc in their oral hygiene routine. It is important to clean all the tooth surfaces properly.

In addition, care should be taken in brushing the teeth: the patient should not harshly brush their teeth and dental flesh. With rough brushing and using a hard toothbrush, even healthy dental flesh can pull away. Therefore, gentle brushing with a soft toothbrush is recommended. In addition, oral cavity rinse with antimicrobial agents is recommended.

In addition to these procedures, there are other surgical and regenerative procedures that can be applied to treat advanced periodontitis.

It is also important to note that patients who are suffering from periodontitis must undergo check ups several times a year, according to dentist’s and periodontologist’s advice.

If you trust us to treat your condition, we will do all we can to restore the health of your teeth and dental flesh as well as prevent progression of periodontal disease.

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