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Zirconia dental implants

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Zirconia dental implants

Dental implants used in dentistry today are made of pure titanium, then of titanium alloys with other metals, such as aluminum and vanadium, and in the last ten years they are made of zirconia detal implants. These are ceramic dental implants. The zirconia-ceramic material from which they are made began to be used in dentistry two decades ago, and due to its strength, excellent properties and high aesthetics, it quickly became popular among patients.

Keramički zubni implantati-Videntis

What is zirconia ceramics?

Quite often there are several very similar terms related to Zirconium chemical element, and we are asked the question if the zirconia-ceramics used in dentistry: metal, minerals, or ceramics? Everything will be clearer if we describe how it appears.

Zirconium is a gray color metal that is not found in its pure state in the nature. We find it in various minerals, the most famous one being mineral zircon. In order to separate zirconium from such ore, complex physical and chemical processes are applied. “Van Arkel” process is used to obtain pure metal zirconium, while “Kroll” process produces zirconium-oxide, white powder, which is a raw material for making zirconia-ceramic prosthetics and other hard ceramic objects and tools.

As the processes to obtain them are different, zirconium and zircona ceramics are quite different materials with completely different physical, chemical and esthetic properties.

Basic properties of zirconium, metal:

  • Metallic gray appearance
  • Oxidize
  • Not resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Conducts electricity and heat
  • Soft, forgeable, non-resistant to tear and wear

The basic properties of zirconia-ceramics:

  • White color
  • Does not oxidize
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Does not conduct electricity or heat
  • Hard, wear and tear resistant

Benefits of zirconia implants

Due to excellent properties zirconia ceramics found its application in dentistry. It has been used for a long time to produce zirconia-ceramic crowns, and today we make dental implants. Although pure titanium implants still present a quality standard and are highly reliable, it should be said that the advantages of zirconia ceramics in relation to them are increasingly evident in several areas.

More and more implantologists and scientists through practice and research confirm that zirconia implants have higher biocompatibility than titanium implants. The growth of zirconia dental implants with the bone is more pronounced and better, so is the success of their complete integration.


Straumann zirconia implants

In the Videntis Dental Center we use exclusive zirconia implants from the Swiss company Straumann. Straumann, headquartered in Basel, has been manufacturing implant solutions for over 50 years and is a world leader in their production. All implants solutions by Straumann undergo a thorough clinical study, which also applies to their zirconia implants with lifelong warranty.

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